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Assessment is the most important academic service provided by a school for its students.  While anyone can talk about classical education, or re-publish study materials written by others, only an experienced schoolmaster can provide students with rigorous and helpful assessment at all levels of study.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, this assessment comes in several forms, depending on the content of lessons, and the nature of the studies.

Online Assessments

We provide online quizzess and exams that are automatically scored for all lessons that provide enough simple, objective content for such an assessment.  These are common in courses such as Latin and Greek Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Modern Arithmetic, Catechism, World Chronology, Geography, etc.  Students submit assessments online and receive instant results.  Test questions include multiple choice questions, true/false questions, and simple fill-in questions.  These questions can be very effective means of assessment, and more challenging than many expect.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we consider 100% to be the only “passing” score and students are encouraged to continue with every assessment until a perfect score has been reached.  Our online assessments will normally require multiple attempts to master.

Graded Assessments

Many lessons in the classical Catholic curriculum cannot be assessed well with simple online assessments, but require written assessments that are reviewed and graded by an experienced schoolmaster.    Assessments include comprehension questions, reading summaries and essays.  These are common in courses such as Classical Reasoning and Rhetoric, Philosophy, Sacred Scriputure, World History, Literature, etc..  Students complete and submit these assignments using CLAA Google Workspace accounts and share them with Mr. William C. Michael (headmaster) for review.  Written assessments are scored on a 3 point system, with a score of 2/3 being required for promotion.

Enrollment Required

Assessment in the classical Catholic curriculum is an academic service provided by the Classical Liberal Arts Academy for enrolled students only, being the work that demands the most of our time and energy.  Assessment is included in our Standard Enrollment subscription plan, making rigorous assessment available for all students for only $25 per month.