Why choose the Premium subscription?

CLAA Premium Subscription

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, students are welcome to study all of our online courses for free. That’s an amazing opportunity for Catholic families and is no marketing gimmick. The study of the entire curriculum we have worked to research and restore is available to families at absolutely no cost.

It may seem confusing, then, to find a subscription option that costs $125 per month per student. Why should parents choose the Premium subscription?

1. Optimize Time & Attention

Families using the Academy’s online courses for free are often using other study programs and resources at the same time. Their time and attention is spread out over many different things. Some may consider that juggling of programs and resources worth the effort, but others would prefer to commit entirely to one program and simplify their homeschool work.

Enrolling in the Academy’s Premium subscription allows a parent to provide everything a student needs in one place. A student has one online account on one website, with all of his academic information in that one place. That simplicity allows all attention and energy to focus on making progress in one system, rather than across a number of systems, which may have nothing to do with one another.

That simplification is a big deal. The Premium subscription in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy eliminates all need for curriculum planning, lesson planning, records management, etc.. What’s all of that worth to you?

2. Optimize Financial Resources

If a family has little or no financial resources, their time and energy is all they have to trade with. They have to settle for inconvenient options and make up for their lack of money with an abundance of planning and work. Many, however, do not think of these things rightly. For example, if a starting wage at Target is $15 per hour, then a homeschool mother’s time is worth at least that much. A mother who spends 2 hours a week in work spends $30+ in time on a program, which is $120 per month. That’s the cost of our Premium Student plan. Not very expensive, is it?

If a family has financial resources, they have to optimize the use of that money to bring about the best possible results. It’s easy to spend money in a thousand different places but that money is not being used to accomplish the greatest good. For example, multiplying books and resources will never bring the benefits of having a gifted and hard-working tutor to assist a teenage student. The tutor may cost more than the books, but he brings benefits that the books can’t offer. It’s not a reasonable comparison.

When considering the use of money, every expense is to be judged relative to the benefits obtained, and the overall costs to the overall benefits. Spending $1,000 per year on 10 different services may not yield the results gained by spending $1,200 on a single service. The comparison is between $1,200 and $1,000, not between $1,200 and $0–which is not an option. Most homeschool families spend hundreds or thousands on books and services and have no actual tutorial help for their children or consulting help for themselves. The expenses are comparable, but the benefits are not.

If a family shares the goals and culture of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, they can obtain everything they need in one place. This may require an increased investment in the program, but it brings significant benefits. The Premium subscription in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides parents with access to expert homeschool consultation whenever it’s needed, and tutorial support for all subjects–from elementary Arithmetic to Scholastic Theology. What’s that worth to you?

3. Gain Expert Assistance

Homeschooling is very difficult work. I am often amazed by the ignorance and/or irresponsibility of people who talk about homeschooling as if it’s some simple and fun activity that everyone should choose. That’s not true at all. The education of our children–according to necessary Christian standards–is extremely challenging work and requires heroic virtue. Anyone who pretends that the work to be done is simple and can be completed in a few hours each day simply doesn’t understand Catholic education.

First of all, parents have to study to learn what to do. Education was the work of history’s greatest saints and wise men. The ancient curriculum was developed by the wisest men over thousands of years and modern parents know almost nothing about it. There’s a lot to learn. Second, parents have to determine how to do it. Even if a working understanding of the classical Catholic curriculum is gained, parents have to learn of the methods of study that make this learning possible. Lastly, parents have to actually carry out the work of educating their children–while handling the other responsibilities of life–persevering through 12-30 years of work!

When a family subscribes to the Academy’s Premium services, they get expert assistance. First, the student has direct access to me–a Catholic classicist with 25 years of full-time teaching experience–for all of his study questions. Second, the student has his written assignments graded within 24 hours from the time submits them. He gets expert feedback on every assignment, in every course. Third, the student has a weekly one-on-one 60 minute chat meeting with me. During this chat, we discuss the student’s studies, address issues with any lessons, take care of any account needs, make short-term goals and simply get to know one another. (This is important when college application time comes and references are needed.) Lastly, the parents get around-the-clock live chat support. Every resource we have is at your disposal.

4. Help Promote Classical Catholic Education

Families often fail to consider how their educational choices and financial decisions affect others. Many see Khan Academy offering free online courses and think it’s a good deal for them, but Khan Academy is not free at all. It is funded by government programs and private investors with a mission in education. If Christian parents choose the “free” option and stop supporting Catholic education, what does the next generation do when there are no more Catholic options? Do we wish to leave our grandchildren to a world with no private Catholic institutions for short-term financial savings?

Paid enrollment in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy supports the work of the Academy and promotes classical Catholic education in modern society. When a family chooses to invest in the Academy, they enjoy many private benefits, but they allow thousands of other families to benefit as well. Our ability to introduce families to classical Catholic education at no cost is very important in this work, and it’s only possible because of the support of the families who invest in the Academy.

There’s more to consider than private benefits gained. Knowing that you’re contributing to the promotion of classical Catholic education and allowing an educational option to be developed and improved to serve the next generation is very satisfying. What’s that worth to you?


When considering the Premium Subscription in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, parents have to weigh the overall costs and benefits of their educational activities carefully. First, the Premium Subscription is intended for parents who share our convictions and mission in education. Second, for the benefits made available to students and parents, the Premium subscription is very affordable. It may take some thinking to understand just how affordable it is, but when parents compare the costs of their time, energy and expenses with the overall results they bring, this will become clear. Third, getting the most out of classical Catholic homeschooling demands the assistance of an expert tutor and consultant. Lastly, for those concerned with more than their immediately financial savings or convenience, who would like to also know that they are investing in the future of classical Catholic education, there’s only one place to do so.

If you would like to discuss the costs and benefits of the Academy’s Premium subscription, please contact me any time. I am constantly working to make more available to Catholic parents and students for less (or the same) and I would like to discuss your needs and how we can help.

To enroll in the Academy’s Premium Subscription for one or more children, please click here.

God bless your studies,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy