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English Composition, Lesson 10. Observation of Actions; Theme 3

To complete this lesson, complete the following tasks:

  1. Study the lesson for mastery.
  2. Complete the lesson Theme.
  3. Complete the lesson Exam.


Many of our most interesting experiences arise from observing the actions of others. A written description of what we have observed will gain in interest to the reader, if, in addition to telling what was done, we give some indication of the way in which it was done. A list of tools a carpenter uses and the operations he performs during the half hour we watch him, may be dull and uninteresting; but our description may have an added value if it shows his manner of working so that the reader can determine whether the carpenter is an orderly, methodical, and rapid worker or a mere putterer who is careless, haphazard, and slow. Two persons will perform similar actions in very different ways. Our description should be so worded as to show what the differences are.

Theme III

Write a theme relating actions. Suggested subjects include:

  1. A mason, blacksmith, painter, or other mechanic at work.
  2. How my neighbor mows his lawn.
  3. What a man does when his automobile breaks down.
  4. Describe the actions of a cat, dog, rabbit, squirrel, or other animal.
  5. Watch the push-cart man a half-hour and report what he did.

Have you told exactly what was done ? Can you by the choice of suitable words show more plainly the way in which it was done ? Does this theme need to have an introduction ? A point ? A conclusion ?


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