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English Composition, Lesson 08. Theme-Writing and Correcting; Theme 1

To complete this lesson, complete the following tasks:

  1. Study the lesson for mastery.
  2. Complete Theme 1.
  3. Complete the lesson Exam.


Any written exercise, whether long or short, is called a theme throughout this book. Just as one learns to skate by skating, so one learns to write by writing; therefore many themes will be required. Since the clear expression of thought is one of the essential characteristics of every theme, theme correction should be primarily directed to improvement in clearness. The teacher will need to assist in this correction, but the really valuable part is that which you do for yourself. After you leave school you will need to decide for yourself what is right and what is best, and it is essential that you now learn how to make such decisions.

To aid you in acquiring a habit of self-correction, questions or suggestions follow the directions for writing each theme. In Theme I, you are to express clearly to others something that is already clear to you.

Theme 1

Write a short theme on one of the subjects that you have used for an oral composition.

After writing this theme, read it aloud to yourself and ask the following questions:

  • Does it read smoothly?
  • Have you told what actually happened?
  • Have you told it so that the hearers will understand you?
  • Have you said what you meant to say?
  • Consider the introduction. Has the story a point?


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