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TRV-301 English Composition

In English Composition, students learn the objective principles of conposition and execrcise themselves in them through many writing exercises.  All are welcome to study the course content at no cost.  Access to online exams requires enrollment.  Writing revews and feedback requires a Premium Support subscription.  This course is based on the Brooks’ Composition-Rhetoric.


Lesson 01. Pleasure in Expressing Ideas
Lesson 02.  Sources of Ideas
Lesson 03. Advantages of Expressing Ideas Gained from Experience
Lesson 04. Essentials of Expression
Lesson 05.  Interest
Lesson 06. Introduction
Lesson 07. The Point of a Story
Lesson 08. Theme-Writing and Correcting; Theme 1
Lesson 09. The Conclusion; Theme 2
Lesson 10. Observation of Actions; Theme 3
Lesson 11. Selection of Details; Theme 4
More lessons will be posted soon. If you are ready for more, please contact us.