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Elementary Grammar, Lesson 12. The Predicate

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In the sentence, “Man is mortal,” the predicate “mortal” denotes a quality belonging to the subject man.

Words which express qualities may be called quality-words.

Nouns may be used as predicates. When they are thus used, they denote a kind or class to which the subject belongs.

In the sentence, “Horses are animals,” what is the subject?

The subject is “horses.”


Because the subject affirms something about horses.

What is the predicate?

The predicate is “animals.”


Because it is that which is affirmed of the subject.

What does the word “animals” denote?

The word “animals” denotes the kind or class of beings to which “horses” belong.

What part of speech is it?

“Animals” is a noun.


What is the copula?




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