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Elementary Grammar, Lesson 05. Quotation Marks

To complete this lesson, complete the following tasks:
  1. Study the lesson prelection.
  2. Study the Lesson for mastery.
  3. Complete all Memory Work.
  4. Complete the lesson Exam.



In the sentence below, the marks ( ” ) are placed before the words that the man used, and after them. They are called Quotation Marks.

The man yawned, and said, “How sleepy I am!”

Quotation Marks should be used, in writing, when we quote the exact language of another. Such a quotation should begin with a capital letter because it is a sentence. When we state what another says, without using his exact language, the quotation marks should not be used.  For example:

The man yawned and said that he was sleepy.


Use quotation marks and capital letters properly in these sentences. 1. Did your mother send you, said the merchant, gruffly. 2. The general said, be ready to start at 5 A. M. 3. Will you come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly. 4. The pupils kept repeating, four times three are twelve, four times three are twelve, for at least three minutes.


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