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Elementary Grammar, Lesson 03. Sentences

To complete this lesson, complete the following tasks:

  1. Study the Lesson for mastery.
  2. Complete all Memory Work in bold print.
  3. Complete the lesson Exam.


What is the color of chalk?  It is white.  Chalk breaks easily:  is it tough or brittle?  It is brittle.  We can not see through it:  hence we say it is opaque.

We will join the words white, brittle and opaque with the word chalk, thus:

Chalk is white.
Chalk is brittle.
Chalk is opaque.

Each of these groups of words makes complete sense and is called a Sentence.

  1.  A Sentence is a group of words making complete sense.

Each group is also called a Proposition.

2.  A Proposition is a thought expressed in words.

In writing sentences, observe the following directions:

  1. Begin each sentence with a capital letter.
  2. Spell each word correctly.
  3. Place a period [.] at the end of every sentence that declares something, or makes a command.
  4. Place an interrogation point [?] at the end of every question.
  5. Never divide a syllable at the end of a line.


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