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Elementary Grammar, Lesson 02. Language & Grammar

To complete this lesson, complete the following tasks:

  1. Study the Lesson for mastery.
  2. Complete all Memory Work in bold print.
  3. Earn a perfect score on your lesson Exam.


In this course, we are studying English Grammar. In our first lesson, we learned about objects, ideas and words.  Remember, we learned that when we speak, we speak about ideas.  In this lesson, we will learn about language, which is how we share ideas with others.

1. Language is the expression of thought by means of words. 

There are two kinds of language:  spoken language and written language.

When we speak, we express our ideas by spoken words.  This is called “spoken language”.

2.  Spoken Language is the expression of ideas by the voice.

When we write or print our thoughts, we use letters which represent sounds. This is called “written language”.

3.  Written Language is the expression of thought by the use of written or printed characters.

We use written language when we cannot share our ideas with spoken language.

In the world, people in different places speak different languages.  In this course we will study the English language.

4. English Grammar teaches us how to speak and write the English language correctly.

When you read that definition, you may wonder, “What is Grammar?”.  Grammar is the first part of the study of any language.  In Grammar we learn about the letters and sounds of a language, the words used in the language, how sentences are made and how to share ideas with other people who speak that language.

5.  Grammar treats of the principles and usages of language.  

By “principles”, we mean the rules by the language is rightly spoken.  By “usages”, we mean the sayings and expressions that are commonly used by the people who speak the language every day.  There may be many different ways to share an idea, but one way that is most common.  Studying the “usage” of a language helps us to share ideas well with others.