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English Reading I, Lesson 01. John 1:1-2

To complete this lesson, complete the following tasks:

1. Print lesson flashcards.
2. Memorize the lesson symbols and the sounds they represent.
3. Look over the lesson reading with unmarked text.
4. Study the Orthography of the reading using the marked text.
5. Complete the written exercises.
6. Complete the lesson assessment.

Lesson Slideshow

English Reading I, Lessson 01 Slideshow

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Memorize the symbols and the sounds they represent.

Print Lesson Flashcards

ă     / æ / English Short A – “a” in “and”

     / ə / English Schwa A – “a” in “was”

ĭ      / ɪ /  English Short I – “i” in “in”

ē    / i / English Long E – as “e” in “be”

   / ə /  English Schwa E – “e” in “the”

   / ə /  English Schwa O – “o” in “Word”

ŏ   / ɑ /  English Short O – “o” in “God”

b   / b /  Classical B – “b” in “be”

th   / ð /  English Voiced Digraph TH – “th” in “the”

th   / θ /  EnglishVoiceless Digraph TH – “th” in “with”

g   / ɡ /  Classical (Hard) G – “g” in “God”

n   / n /  Classical N – “n” in “in”

ng   / ŋ /  English Velar Nasal Digraph NG – “ng” in “beginning”

w     / w /  English W – “w” in “was”

r     / ɹ /  English R – “r” in “glory”

s    / s /  Voiceless S – “s” in “same”

s     / z /  English Voiced S – “s” in “was”

d   / d /  Classical D – “d” in “God”

m   / m /  Classical M – “m” in “same”


In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.


Ĭn thẹ bē|gĭn|nĭng wạs thẹ Wọrd, ănd thẹ Wọrd wạs wĭth Gŏd, ănd thẹ Wọrd wạs Gŏd. Thẹ sāme wạs ĭn thẹ bē|gĭn|nĭng wĭth Gŏd.


1. Copy the reading (unmarked) on a sheet of lined paper.
Make sure that you copy all capital letters, spelling, spacing and punctuation perfectly. Skip a line after each written line. Write large enough so that you can make orthography marks on the letters and syllables.
2. Find all words of more than one syllable. Draw a bar ( | ) to divide the syllables.
3. Mark each letter or digraph with its correct orthography symbol.
You can use your lessons to help you learn them, but you should be able to do this by thinking of what sound each letter or digraph makes and what orthography symbol is used to mark that sound.
4. Continue this exercise every day until you can complete it perfectly with no help.


English Reading I, Lesson 01 Exam