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Modern Arithmetic III, Article 4

To complete this lesson, complete the following tasks:

1.   Study the lesson for mastery.
2.  Memorize the lesson that it may be recited.
3.  Complete the lesson assessment.


1. What do we call nine units and one more?
Nine units and one more are called “ten”.

2. How is the number ten like the number one?
Like the number one, the number ten is also represented by the figure 1.

3.  How does the number ten differ from the number one?
For the number ten, the one is made to occupy the second place from the right, by writing a 0 in the units’ place.

4. How is one ten written with characters?
One ten is written 10.

5.  What do we call two tens?
Two tens are called “twenty”.

6.  How are two tens written with characters?
Two tens are written 20.

7.  What do we call three tens?
Three tens are called “thirty”.

8.  How are three tens written with characters?
Three tens are written 30.

9.  What do we call four tens?
Four tens are called “forty”.

10.  How are four tens written with characters?
Four tens are written 40.

11.  What do we call five tens?
Five tens are called “fifty”.

12.  How are five tens written with characters?
Five tens are written 50.

13.  What do we call six tens?
Six tens are called “sixty”.

14.  How are six tens written with characters?
Six tens are written 60.

15.  What do we call seven tens?
Seven tens are called “seventy”.

16.  How are seven tens written with characters?
Seven tens are written 70.

17.  What do we call eight tens?
Eight tens are called “eighty”.

18.  How are eight tens written with characters?
Eight tens are written 80.

19.  What do we call nine tens?
Nine tens are called “ninety”.

20.  How are nine tens written with characters?
Nine tens are written 90.

21. What does a figure represent when it stands in the second place from the right?
When a figure in a number stands in the second place from the right, it represents one or more units of the second order.

22. What do we call units of the second order?
Units of the second order are called tens

23. What do we call the place occupied by units of the second order?
The place occupied by units of the second order is called the tens’ place.


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