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Modern Arithmetic III, Article 1

To complete this lesson, complete the following tasks:

1.   Study the lesson for mastery.
2.  Memorize the lesson that it may be recited.
3.  Complete the lesson assessment.


1.What is a Unit?
A Unit is a single thing of any kind;
as, one, one apple, one dollar, one pound.

2. What is a number?
A Number consists of one or more units; as, one,
five, seven cents, nine men.

3. What is Arithmetic?
Arithmetic is the art of computing by numbers.

4. How are numbers expressed?
Numbers are expressed in two ways; first, by words;
second, by characters.

5. What is a System of Notation?
A System of Notation is a method of expressing
numbers by characters.

6.  What are the two systems of Notation in use?
The two systems of Notation in use are the Arabic and the Roman.

7. Which of these systems of notation is used in our arithmetical calculations?
The Arabic system is used in all our arithmetical calculations. 


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