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Lesson 04. Basic Letter Forms: A, B, C

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Complete the following assignments (in order):

  1. Explain to your child that we will be learning to write the letters A, B and C in this lesson.
  2. Print out a copy of Writing Exercise 01.
  3. Following the directions on the Writing Exercise sheet, require that your child form each letter perfectly.
  4. Continue on the first sheet until each figure is written perfectly.  Do not continue until the child demonstrates mastery of the assigned figures.
  5. Progress through Writing Exercise sheets 2-3, remaining on each exercise until mastery is achieved.
  6. Review the memory work, including #7, which applies to this lesson.


Directions: Read the following questions and discuss each answer with your child. Memorization is not required.

1. What are Letters?
Letters are written symbols that represent spoken sounds.

2. Why must we write letters clearly?
We must write letters clearly so others can read them easily.

3. Why must we practice handwriting?
To write clearly we must practice handwriting, which begins with shapes.

4. How do we learn to make each shape in handwriting?
In handwriting, we begin at the red dot, then follow the arrows to make each shape on the dotted lines.

5. What color is the top line on our handwriting sheets?
The top line on our handwriting sheet is is blue.

6. What color is the bottom line on our handwriting sheets?
The bottom line on our handwriting sheet is red.

7. What letters are we studying in this Lesson?
In this lesson, we are studying the letters A, B and C.


Directions: Print the following handwriting sheets and follow the directions at the top of the sheet. The student should complete this exercise daily until the skills covered are mastered.

Print Writing Exercise 1 (A, B, C Uppercase)
Print Writing Exercise 2 (A, B, C Lowercase)
Print Writing Exercise 3 (Syllables)