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Petty School Reading, Lesson 01. Introduction

Complete the following tasks to complete this lesson:

  1. Watch the Lesson as many times as the child needs to learn the content.
  2. Study the Memory Work, committing each point to memory.
  3. Complete the lesson Exam.


Study Lesson 01 Slideshow

In this lesson, we introduce children to process of human thought and communication, in simple terms.  Children should understand that the differences between objects in the world, ideas which represent them in our minds, and words which represent these ideas in our speech.  As simple as this may seem, children do not learn this in modern schools, and it is a source of great confusion in language and reasoning throughout life.

Memory Work

Directions: Read the following lesson and discuss each point with your child. 

1. What is an Idea?
An Idea is an image in our mind of anything we have seen, smelled, tasted, touched, or heard.

2. What are words?
Words are symbols used to share ideas.

3. What are Spoken Words?
Spoken words are symbols of ideas.

4. What are Written Words?
Written words are symbols of spoken words.

5. What are Words made of?
Words are made of Syllables.

6. What are Syllables made of?
Syllables are made of Letters.