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In 2021, we are making all of our curriculum content–over 100 courses–available for free. Between March and August, these curriculum pages will be filling out as we transfer the courses and lessons. Thank you for your patience.


Getting started in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s classical liberal arts courses requires preparation.  Children must learn to study independently, to read well, to write well and to speak well of Catholic subjects.  Providing this preparation is the mission of our Petty School program.

Petty School Reading

In Petty School Reading, students learn the sounds and letters of the English language.  The goal of Petty School Reading is to lead students read well enough to begin their classical studies by the time they are 8 years old, or around their first Communion.

Petty School Writing

To succeed in classical studies, students must be able to type and write neatly and comfortably.  This requires a little bit of instruction, and many hours of copying.  The key to good writing is repetition and we seek to provide that in the Petty School Writing program.

Petty School Arithmetic

In order for students to be able to spend their teen years in classical Mathematics (the Quadrivium), they must get as much of modern Mathematiscs done as they can while they are young.  The earlier we can lead them to mastery of the basic facts and operations of Arithmetic, the better.  This is the goal of the Petty School Arithmetic program.

Petty School Bible

While children are not yet ready to read through hundreds of pages of Sacred Scripture, they need to learn the stories and teachings of the Catholic Bible.  Providing this instruction is the objective of the Petty School Bible course.

Petty School Catechism 

The first priorities of early Catholic education are establishing children in good habits and preparing them to receive First Communion as they reach the age of Reason.  The first book of the Baltimore Catechism was created for this purpose, and is the source for instruction in Petty School Catechism.

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