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World Geography, Lesson 05. Natural Divisions of Land Part 2

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59. What is a Mountain? 
A. A mountain is a portion of land, raised up to a great height.
60. How high are the highest mountains in the world?
A. The highest mountains in the world are about five and a half miles high; others are two, three, and four miles high.
61. What is a chain or range of Mountains?
A. A chain or ridge of mountains is a number of mountains joined together, and extending many hundreds, and even thousands of miles in length.
62. What is a Volcano?
A. A volcano is a burning mountain , with an opening at the top, called a crater.
63. What rises from the crater of a Volcano?
A. Fire and smoke constantly rise from many Volcanoes.
64. What are sometimes thrown out by Volcanoes?
A. Volcanoes sometimes throw out melted lava, large stones, ashes, and often floods of water.
65. How many Volcanoes are there in the world?
A. There are more than 200 Volcanoes : of which upwards of one-half are in America.

Cities and towns are sometimes set on fire by the burning lava which flows down the sides of volcanoes: others have been destroyed by floods of water ; and some by vast showers of hot ashes.

Some mountains are so steep and rugged, that it is difficult to ascend to the top of them. The summits of the highest mountains, even those in the hottest parts of the earth, are always covered with ice and snow.

66. What is a hill?
A. A hill is a portion of land raised up, but not so high as a mountain.
67. What is a Valley?
A. A valley is a low portion of country between mountains or hills.
68. What is a Plain?
A. A plain is a portion of country nearly flat or level.
69. Are all plains alike in appearance?
A. All plains are not alike in appearance, some are covered with grass, some with trees, and some only with sand.