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World Geography, Lesson 02. Natural Divisions of Water, Pt 1

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18. How is the Ocean divided ?
A. The Ocean is divided into five great parts, likewise called Oceans.
19. Which are the five Oceans?
A. The five oceans are the Northern, Southern, Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans.
20. What other names have some of the Oceans ?
A. The Northern Ocean is often called the Arctic, and the Southern, the Antarctic Ocean; and the Pacific Ocean is sometimes called the South Sea.
21. Into what other parts is the water divided ?
A. Besides Oceans, water is divided into Seas, Archipelagoes, Bays, Gulfs, Sounds, Straits, Channels, Lakes, and Rivers.
22. What is a Sea ?
A. A Sea is a collection of water, smaller than an ocean, and surrounded by land, as the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, &c.
23. What is an Archipelago ?
A. An Archipelago is a sea filled with islands, as the Grecian Archipelago, east of Greece, or the West Indies, which is sometimes called the Columbian Archipelago.
24. What is a Gulf or Bay ?
A. A Gulf, or Bay, is part of the Sea, extending into the land, as the Gulf of Mexico, Hudson’s Bay,
25. What is a Strait?
A. A Strait is a narrow passage, connecting different bodies of water, as the Strait of Gibraltar, etc.
26. What is a Sound ?
A. A Sound is a small sea, so shallow that its depth may be measured by a line dropped from the surface to the bottom, as Long Island Sound, Pamlico Sound.
27. What is a Channel?
A. A Channel is a passage of water, wider than a Strait, as the English Channel.
28. What is a Harbor or Haven ?
A. A Harbor, or Haven, is a small bay, where vessels may remain at anchor in safety.