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The Classical Liberal Arts Academy works to research, restore, publish and teach the classical Catholic curriculum studied by wise men and saints throughout history. Currently, we are publishing over 90 online courses, ranging from English Reading through classical Metaphysics. All of our courses are in development, and will remain so for years to come.

We are happy to offer free access to sample lessons in all courses, for homeschool use/examination before enrolling. For management, assessment, support and tutoring services, enrollment is required. None of the course content below may be copied or published in any way without written permission from Mr. William C. Michael.

I. Trivium

  1. TRV-001 English Reading I
  2. TRV-091 Handwriting I
  3. TRV-092 Handwriting II
  4. TRV-093 Handwriting III
  5. TRV-094 Handwriting IV
  6. TRV-101 Elementary Grammar
  7. TRV-110 Latin Vocabulary
  8. TRV-111 Latin Reading I
  9. TRV-121 Classical Grammar
  10. TRV-151 Classical Vocabulary
  11. TRV-221 Latin Grammar I
  12. TRV-301 English Composition
  13. TRV-311 Latin Reading II
  14. TRV-321 Latin Grammar II
  15. TRV-331 Greek Reading I
  16. TRV-341 Greek Grammar I
  17. TRV-371 Classical Reasoning I
  18. TRV-372 Classical Reasoning II
  19. TRV-373 Classical Reasoning III
  20. TRV-374 Classical Reasoning IV
  21. TRV-375 Classical Reasoning V
  22. TRV-381 Classical Rhetoric I
  23. TRV-411 Latin Reading III
  24. TRV-421 Latin Grammar III
  25. TRV-431 Greek Reading II
  26. TRV-441 Greek Grammar II
  27. TRV-461 Hebrew Grammar

II. Quadrivium

  1. QRV-011 Modern Arithmetic I
  2. QRV-101 Modern Arithmetic II
  3. QRV-151 Modern Arithmetic III
  4. QRV-201 Algebra I
  5. QRV-211 Intro to Classical Arithmetic
  6. QRV-301 Algebra II
  7. QRV-305 Plane & Solid Geometry
  8. QRV-306 Geometry & Trigonometry
  9. QRV-307 Analytic Geometry
  10. QRV-311 Classical Arithmetic
  11. QRV-321 Classical Geometry
  12. QRV-401 Calculus
  13. QRV-411 Classical Music
  14. QRV-421 Classical Astronomy

III. Philosophy

  1. PHL-101 Aesop’s Fables
  2. PHL-102 Theophrastus’ Characters
  3. PHL-111 Morals and Manners
  4. PHL-201 Pliny, Natural History
  5. PHL-311 Classical Ethics
  6. PHL-312 Classical Physics
  7. PHL-321 Stoic Philosophy
  8. PHL-313 Classical Metaphysics
  9. PHL-331 Aristotle, History of Animals (Classical Biology I)
  10. PHL-332 Theophrastus, History of Plants (Classical Biology II)
  11. PHL-341 Platonic Philosophy
  12. PHL-361 High School Biology
  13. PHL-363 High School Chemistry
  14. PHL-381 Aristotle, On the Heavens
  15. PHL-382 Aristotle, On the Soul

IV. Theology

  1. THL-100 Catholic Bible I
  2. THL-101 Daily Scripture Reading
  3. THL-111 Baltimore Catechism I
  4. THL-200 Catholic Bible II
  5. THL-211 Baltimore Catechism II
  6. THL-301 Liturgy of the Hours
  7. THL-311 Baltimore Catechism III
  8. THL-321 Summa Theologica I
  9. THL-351 Sacred Scripture I
  10. THL-352 Sacred Scripture II
  11. THL-353 Sacred Scripture III
  12. THL-354 Sacred Scripture IV
  13. THL-355 Sacred Scripture V
  14. THL-356 Sacred Scripture VI

V. Humanities

  1. HUM-101 World Chronology
  2. HUM-112 World Geography
  3. HUM-201 Classical Mythology
  4. HUM-301 Ancient History
  5. HUM-302 Classical History I
  6. HUM-303 Classical History II
  7. HUM-304 Classical History III
  8. HUM-305 Medieval History I
  9. HUM-306 Medieval History II
  10. HUM-307 Medieval History III
  11. HUM-308 Modern History I
  12. HUM-309 Modern History II
  13. HUM-310 Modern History III
  14. HUM-311 Plutarch, Lives
  15. HUM-321 English Literature I
  16. HUM-322 English Literature II
  17. HUM-344 American Government
  18. HUM-351 Art History I
  19. HUM-352 Art History II
  20. HUM-353 Art History III
  21. HUM-354 Art History IV

Petty School

  1. PTY-001 Petty School Reading
  2. PTY-002 Petty School Writing
  3. PTY-003 Petty School Latin
  4. PTY-011 Petty School Arithmetic
  5. PTY-021 Petty School Morals
  6. PTY-022 Petty School Nature
  7. PTY-031 Petty School Bible
  8. PTY-032 Petty School Catechism