The Eight Parts of Speech in Latin

Source: Alvarez’s Latin Grammar

1. A Noun is a part of speech which has case and does not signify time. (04)
2. A Pronoun is a part of speech which, in the place of a noun, signifies a certain person or thing. (29)
3. A Verb is a part of speech which has moods and tenses has and not into cases is declined. (35)
4. A Participle is a part of speech which has both cases and tenses. (83)
5. A Preposition is a part of speech which is generally set before other parts of speech, either separately or conjunctly. (84)
6. An Adverb is a part of speech which added to verbs explains and defines the signification of them. (85)
7. An Interjection is a part of speech which indicates various affections of the soul. (86)
8. A Conjunction is a part of speech that connects or orders the parts of a sentence. (87)

Use the process of elimination to identify parts of speech when you cannot do so directly.

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