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Latin Grammar I, Lesson 22. Irregular Nouns

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In lessons 10-21, we have studied the declension of regular Latin nouns. In lesson 22, we begin the study of irregular nouns. We will quickly move through lessons 22-26 before beginning the declension of adjective nouns in lesson 27.

Let us learn the rule given in article 22:

22. Anomala sive inaequalia vocantur quae aut numero aut genere aut declinatione aut casu aut aliquo alio attributo deficiunt.

This rule translates as follows:

“(Nouns) irregular or inequal are called, which either in number or in gender, or in declension or in case or in some other attribute are deficient.”

  • In lesson 23, we will study nouns that are irregular in number;
  • in lesson 24, we will study nouns that are irregular in gender;
  • in lesson 25, we will study nouns that are irregular in declension;
  • in lesson 26, we will study nouns that are irregular in case.

Because these lessons are short, we will assess lessons 22-26 together after lesson 26.

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