Lesson 41. The Preposition

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Let us study the sentence below. Read it carefully, then read through the discussion that follows.

A man of wealth rode by our house.

What does the group of words “of wealth” modify?
It modifies the noun, “man“.

What element is this group of words?
It is an adjective element.

Because it modifies a noun.

What does the group of words “by our house” modify?
It modifies the verb “rode“: it tells where he rode.

What element is it?
It is an adverbial element.

Because it modifies a verb.

Look now at the word “of” in the sentence. The word “of” connects the noun “wealth” to the noun “man.”

Next, look at the word “by” in the sentence. The word “by” connects the noun “house” with the verb “rode.”

The words “of” and “by” are said to show the relations between the words which they connect, and are called Prepositions.

The nouns which follow them are called their Objects.

A Preposition is a word used to show the relation between its object and some other word.

List of the Principal Prepositions

Below, you will find a list of English prepositions. It is recommended that students take time to look them up in a quality dictionary and write the definitions for familiarity and use.

  1. a
  2. at
  3. aboard
  4. about
  5. above
  6. according to
  7. across
  8. after
  9. against
  10. along
  11. amid, amidst
  12. among, amongst
  13. around
  14. as to
  15. athwart
  16. before
  17. behind
  18. beneath
  19. beside, besides
  20. between
  21. betwixt
  22. beyond
  23. but
  24. by
  25. down
  26. during
  27. ere
  28. except
  29. for
  30. from
  31. in, into
  32. of
  33. off
  34. on
  35. over
  36. past
  37. round
  38. save
  39. since
  40. till, until
  41. through
  42. throughout
  43. to
  44. toward, towards
  45. under
  46. unto
  47. up
  48. upon
  49. with
  50. within
  51. without

Study Questions

  1. What is a preposition?
  2. What is the object of a preposition?
  3. Name as many of the principal prepositions as you can.
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