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Christmas Music Ends on Sunday, January 8th.

Dear friends,

We hope that you have enjoyed a merry Christmas and that you’re off to a happy beginning to the new year. Our family enjoyed a most merry Christmas this year.

The Christmas season ends this week and we will cease playing Christmas music on Classical Catholic Radio on Sunday, January 8th. We will resume our normal Ordinary Time music until Lent.

During the Lenten season, we will update our playlist to provide sober music appropriate for the season and then when Eastertide arrives, we will play joyful Easter music until we return to Ordinary time after Eastertide.

If you enjoy Classical Catholic Radio, please show your support by listening regularly. We look at listening statistics to see that the service is being made use of and will continue to sponsor and improve the program as long as Catholic families are listening. Please share the station link with Catholic friends and relatives.

God bless your families,

William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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