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The Classical Liberal Arts Academy works to research, restore, publish and teach the classical liberal arts. In fulfillment of the third part of our mission–publishing–we will make all study materials necessary for a complete classical, Catholic education available freely here on the searchable Classical Catholic Library. Works will be added weekly through 2021 until the entire curriculum is restored and published. For updates on the progress of this work, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Note:  This is going to be messy for a while, as we fill out the library.  Please be patient with us.

I.  Trivium

II.  Quadrivium

  • Boethius, De Arithmetica (Latin)
  • Boethius, De Musica (Latin)
  • Nicomachus, Arithmetic
  • Taylor, Theoretic Arithmetic
  • Euclid, Elements of Geometry
  • Ptolemy, Almagest
  • Sunol, Gregorian Chant

III.  Philosophy

IV.  Theology

V.  Humanities

VI. Education

VII.  Biographies

VIII.  Children’s Books

  • Andersen, Hans Christian
    • Wonder Stories Told for Children
    • Fairy Tales



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