Catholic Education vs. Career Preparation

William C. Michael discusses Catholic Education vs. Career Preparation

If you’re a devout Catholic who cares more about the Catholic faith than anything else, you desire to give your children the best possible Catholic education.  However, you also feel an obligation to help your children prepare for their future occupations, which includes college preparation and specialized studies and work.  As your children move into … Continue

The Ratio Studiorum of 1599

We can sit in 2021, stare up at the clouds and imagine what the saints studied and taught back in the good old days, or, we can go back to the documents they left behind and see all of the details, not only of their ideas and methods in education, but the exact textbooks they … Continue

How and Why to Create a Student Blog

Start a student blog

Dear students, The best way to develop your writing and communication skills in the 21st century is to start and maintain a blog.  The word “blog” is a shortened form of the term “web log”, which is simply a journal of notes, compositions, images, links, etc., shared on the internet. You can create a single … Continue