What about Vaccines?

As parents, there is no thought more distressing than doing something that causes injury to our children, and we face difficult decisions when we consider the use of vaccines. There are two questions we need to consider: Whether vaccines are good for our children? Whether it would be sinful for us to make use of … Continue

Access to Articles and Video Posts

Dear friends, Christian families are going to be involved in an increasingly intense battle in coming years and that there are many controversial issues to be examined in a straightforward and honest manner.  I am willing to write and speak on these issues, but not in a forum open to the public.  I have learned … Continue

“I Believe in Science”

This past year, Americans learned that institutions they take for granted can break down very quickly.  Church meetings were canceled.  Schools were closed.  Businesses were shut down.  College classes were canceled.   That was March.  We’re moving into December and little has changed.  While life may get back to normal, Christians must realize that the days … Continue

Mr. Michael on Live Chat

Dear friends, Beginning this week, I will be available on live chat in the evenings from 9pm until midnight, Sun-Fri. I will be available for questions from students and parents, but these meetings are not to be thought of as free one-on-one tutoring or consultation sessions. I have made tutoring and consultation available as paid … Continue

Seton Homeschool vs. the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

The most popular homeschool program among modern Catholic families is, by far, Seton Homeschool or Seton Home Study.  Seton was the first Catholic homeschool program, started in the 1980s, and it serves thousands of Catholic families.  That does not, of course mean that this is  the best program, only that it is the most popular. … Continue

Think Rightly about College Admission

In the 21st century, we must think rightly about college admission.  As Christian parents, you are responsible to God to raise your children as disciples of Jesus Christ.  That is your only responsibility as a parent.  You are to give them the education that God wills for them and it’s obvious, to any reasonable person, … Continue

The Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas

The painting above is titled “The Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas” and was produced by the 14th century artist Andrea da Firenze.  This is quite an elaborate scene and it represents for us the truth of Catholic Philosophy conquering all heresy and enlightening all sciences.  I’d like to walk you through this painting, explaining the … Continue

Weathering the Storm

When you decide to home school your children, you are likely doing so for a number of virtuous reasons. First, when your children are born, your heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to God for healthy pregnancy and delivery, and the health of your children.  You can’t wait to have the child baptized and these experiences … Continue

Choosing What to Study

It’s very common for students or parents to look over the CLAA[efn_note]Classical Liberal Arts Academy[/efn_note] curriculum and courses and ask: What should I study? What courses should I focus on? What courses are the most important? How much time should I give to this or that course? This dilemma comes from the realization that every … Continue

Why are CLAA exams so difficult?

I spend hours and hours every week making very difficult exams.  The exams I make are far more difficult than any exam I every had to take in school or college.  Why are CLAA exams so difficult? There are two reasons. First, every course is important in the CLAA.  In modern schools, there are many … Continue