Getting Started in Scholastic Philosophy

  The Problem with “Modern” Catholicism No, it’s not the Second Vatican Council.  No, it’s not the “Novus Ordo” Mass.  No, it’s not scandals in the clergy.  No, it’s not the use of the English language.  No, it’s not Pope Francis. The common scapegoats attacked by Catholics are superficial reactions to imaginary controversies stirred up … Continue

Verb Help for Latin Students

Summary of Regular Latin Verbs

Dear students, To help you with your Latin translation work, I’d like to share a chart I made back in 2009, which shows all forms of Latin regular verbs. This chart is very helpful if used regularly as it provides you with a system that can be memorized and visualized as you gain experience with … Continue

St. Thomas Aquinas on the Operations of the Mind and Aristotle’s Organon

St. Thomas Aquinas, author of the Summa Theologica

Sicut dicit Philosophus in III De Anima, duplex est operatio intellectus: una quidem, quae dicitur indivisibilium intelligentia, per quam scilicet intellectus apprehendit essentiam uniuscuiusque rei in seipsa; alia est operatio intellectus scilicet componentis et dividentis. Additur autem et tertia operatio, scilicet ratiocinandi, secundum quod ratio procedit a notis ad inquisitionem ignotorum. Harum autem operationum prima … Continue

Getting Started with the Art of Reasoning

Aristotle, the great Philosopher of the Catholic homechool curriculum.

The most important study in the classical Catholic curriculum is, without question, the art of Reasoning.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we study all of Aristotle’s works on the subject, contained in his famous “Organon”.  I believe this first video, introducing Aristotle’s Categories, give a good introduction to the challenges of the study, and … Continue

Happy Easter! (Recommended Video)

I trust your all enjoying a Happy Easter, as our family certainly is. This evening, Dania and I watched an inspiring and beautiful video on European Easter celebrations that I’d like to share with all CLAA families.     God bless you all this holy week! William C. Michael, Headmaster Classical Liberal Arts Academy

When was the World Created?

I have a correction to make in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s World Chronology course. In the course, I list the date of the creation of the world to be 4,000 B.C.  Over Easter weekend, however, a Catholic friend showed me that this should not be the date used in the course.  It is too … Continue

Help with Homeschool Documentation

  Dear friends, In North Carolina, we enjoy great liberty as a homeschool family.  The state of North Carolina respects the right of parents to direct their children’s education, and there is very little interference or trouble from the state once a family registers as a home school. I often hear parents speaking of the … Continue

Video Library Growing Quickly

I am happy to confirm that I have the leisure to allow me to regularly add to the tutorial videos available to students in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  I intend to provide videos for every lesson in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, and am making videos based on demand from actual work being done … Continue