What is the Socratic Method?

Transcribed by https://otter.ai (with additions). Today is Wednesday, June 16th, and I’d like to talk about a topic today that’s very important for education (which is always my focus) but also in all areas of life, because it’s one of those issues where if we think falsely about this, it leads us into many errors–and … Continue

What about Funding the Garden?

When we first began gardening as a young family on a single income, I was confused over how to fund our beginning family garden.  At the time, my husband explained to me what to do, and it worked!  I asked him if he could write up an explanation I could share with other families who … Continue

My Life Principles

Recently, I’ve been working to really nail down the key principles for my daily life.  So this is a work in progress, but I want to share with other mothers.   (They will be updated and added to over time.)  Have a good marriage. A woman was created by God to be her husband’s helper.  Avoid … Continue

The Fake “Classical Education” Movement

  Christian people tend to think that they are pretty smart and that they seek the truth.  Yet, when we look at Christian education, the evidence suggests otherwise. Since around 1995, the “classical education” movement has lied to Christians, making up their own history of education, and using this fictional story to sell millions of … Continue