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Should We Pray the Luminous Mysteries?

Routines can become comfortable and any suggestion of changes can be unpleasant. To me, the recitation of the traditional Rosary and its 15 mysteries is comfortable. I have recited them so many times and have enjoyed many great meditations while doing so. I love praying the 15 mysteries of the Rosary. the weekly routine is pleasant, even if I want to pray all 15 throughout the day, I can do so in an orderly way.

But, in 2002, Pope John Paul introduced a fourth set of mysteries: the Luminous Mysteries.

So, should we pray the Luminous Mysteries? Or, are we fine sticking to the traditional 15 mysteries?

I’d like to recommend the following article in which a Dominican answers this question: “Should Pope John Paul II have added these five new “mysteries”?

I think you’ll enjoy the article, as I did.

God bless your families,

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Society

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