Catholic Bible I, Lesson 07. The Sacrifice of Noe

Noe offers sacrifice to the Lord.

In this lesson, we continue the study of the life of Noe, after the great flood. To complete the objectives of this lesson, complete the following tasks:

  1. Study the lesson for mastery.
  2. Complete the lesson quiz.


When the waters had covered the earth1 for a hundred and fifty days, God remembered Noe, and sent a warm wind, that by degrees abated the waters. Soon the mountains began to appear, and in the seventh month the Ark rested on the top of Mount Ararat2, in Armenia.

Noe, eager to learn if the waters had subsided, opened the window of the Ark and sent forth a raven, which did not return; then he sent forth a dove, which, not finding where her foot might rest, returned to the Ark. After seven days, Noe again sent forth the dove, which returned in the evening, carrying in its beak an olive branch. By this, Noe knew that the waters were abated upon the earth. At the command of God, Noe and his wife, and his sons and his sons’ wives, and every living creature that was with them, went forth from the Ark, after having been shut up in it for a whole year.

Filled with gratitude, Noe built an altar, and, taking of the animals that were pure, offered sacrifice to the Lord. God was pleased with him for this, and set His rainbow in the heavens. Then God blessed Noe and his sons, and said to them:

“Behold, I will establish my covenant with you and with your posterity. There shall be no more a deluge to destroy all flesh. While the earth exists, seed-time and harvest, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease. And the arc that I have placed in the clouds shall be the sign of my covenant with you.”

Genesis 9


The impenitent sinner is like the raven that returned not to the Ark, while the dove is like the faithful soul that finds its rest only in Jesus Christ and His Church.3

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  1. The author dates this event at 2343 BC/
  2. Explore Mt. Ararat on Google Maps.
  3. Source: Gilmour, Rev. Richard. Bible History. Benziger Brothers (1894).