Weekly Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours – 12/19/2021

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This guide helps Catholics who wish to pray Morning, Evening and Night prayer using the single volume “Christian Prayer”. Catholics who wish to pray the Office of Readings and Daytime Prayer should use the four volume edition of the Liturgy of the Hours. We expect that such Catholics would have experience with the Liturgy of the Hours and wouldn’t need the help of a guide.

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How to Use the Guide

This guide is intended to be printed and kept in one’s prayer book throughout the week. It may take some practice getting the document to print correctly so that you have it printed on two sides of one sheet of paper with the right layout. This has more to do with your ability to use your printer than the guide itself. Once printed, simply fold it in half and stick it in your prayer book for the week.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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