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School Studies vs. the Pursuit of Wisdom

For most people, “study” refers to work done while enrolled in school. In modern schools, we are required to complete minimum requirements that serve the interests of secular government, but not of human life. College studies tend to be focused on the minimum requirements of degrees that are sought for professional interests and not real intellectual development or Christian perfection. The studies spoken of by wise men and saints through history have almost nothing to do with what is done in schools, and they are largely ignored in modern circles–as they always have been. In order for us to pursue Wisdom, we have to know what Wisdom is and we have to learn from God, and from men who have attained it, how it is to be pursued. Moreover, as modern school studies are legally compulsory today, we must fulfill them without allowing them to distract us from our true end. I discuss this in the following talk.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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