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The Homeschool Schedule is the Key to Homeschool Records

Many homeschool families try to keep track of daily lessons and activities after they complete them.  The daily homeschool schedule may be inconsistent or chaotic, but Mom tracks what the children completed when they do study.  The idea is that we can have chaos so long as we track completion.

This doesn’t work.

No Homeschool Schedule, No Records

The same problems that cause the homeschool schedule to be inconsistent also prevent records from being kept in any helpful way.  It sounds like a good plan, but it doesn’t work.

Good Homeschool Schedule, Good Records

Homeschool families need to understand that a well-planned daily homeschool schedule that is carefully kept doubles as a record-keeping system.  By committing to following a homeschool schedule, a homeschool families knows what it has done by simply considering the homeschool schedule.

For example, if a student studies high school Mathematics every day for 1 hour, and keeps the homeschool schedule daily for at least 120 days, at the end of the year, it can be known that the student fulfilled the high school requirement for 120-180 hours of study in Mathematics for 1 high school credit.  This can be known because that’s what the homeschool schedule contained.  It’s that simple.

Is the Homeschool Schedule Really “Flexible”?

Some homeschool families talk about liking a “flexible” homeschool schedule, but the reality is that the follow no schedule at all.  It may feel good at the time to be under no time constraints each day, but when the time comes to give an account for the children’s activities, it’s going to be a mess.

While it’s true that homeschooling leaves parents free to make their own homeschool schedule, realize that it’s called “homeschooling” for a reason.  The reason is that it is understood that parents are undertaking the responsibility of schooling their children at home.

If there is no homeschool schedule, is there a homeschool?

Homeschool Schedule & Planners

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we offer a recommended homeschool schedule and weekly study planners to help parents manage their children’s activities.  If you need help, contact us.

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael, O.P.
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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