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Don’t Waste Time on “High School” Studies in Homeschooling

Listening to parents talk about the challenges of getting through high school studies, one would think the American high school diploma is a great academic achievement. However, when we think that the 18 year old kids smoking weed and drinking on the weekends have these same diplomas, this false image of the high school diploma is exposed. Many honor students devote a great amount of time on the studies required for a high school diploma, only to end up with the same diploma that the kids in the level three remedial classes receive, with them, at graduation. Homeschool parents must learn to not waste time on “high school” studies and make a big deal about diploma studies, and give attention to their actual duties as parents in the education of their children. I discuss this in the video below.

“As a homeschool mama with eight graduated students, so far, this video is the truth and the most excellent video talk I’ve heard on the subject in a long time! Possibly ever. Thank you for sharing!”

Homeschool mother

God bless,
William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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