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Help with Women’s Clothing

Dear friends,

Brie Dress Olive 4

My wife has always struggled to find modest women’s clothing and has discussed the challenge with friends of hers for years. I’ve watched as she has searched for sources of clothing that she liked, and I’ve watched as those sources have dwindled over time. I’ve told her, many times, that she needs to develop a solution to the problem rather than fuss about it.

As requests for help have often come to Dania from homeschooling Catholic mothers, I’ve encouraged her to develop this solution right here on the Academy website–and she’s begun to do so.

Beginning this week, my wife has begun seeking out direct relationships with clothes-makers who serve principles in clothing that she judges to be important. These include:

  • modest, classic style
  • moderate in price
  • adjustable in size to allow for body changes
  • suitable for different activities
  • machine washable
  • made by Christian family businesses

The clothing she finds satisfactory, she will be purchasing for her own use and also making available in the “Women’s Clothing” category on the Academy catalog. She will continue to add products as she finds them.

If you have any questions about women’s clothing, please contact my wife, Dania Michael, at

God bless your families,

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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