Have you considered ROTC?

If you are a student considering a secular occupation, you are likely thinking about going to college, earning a living, finding a meaningful career, and so on. If that’s the case, I’d like to recommend that you look into the ROTC programs in the U.S. Military. What is the ROTC? … Continue

Consequences of Secular Occupations

I’d like to discuss an important topic that’s central to what we do in the classical Liberal Arts Academy and will become increasingly so as we pursue the long term objective of our program, which is to provide extraordinary students with a degree in a bachelor in classical Christian studies … Continue

How to Earn a Living in Classical Education

Image of William C. Michael, Headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

 This transcript was generated by https://otter.ai.  If you would like to help with editing, please contact us. It’s Thursday, June 17. And today on my walk, I’d like to discuss how Catholics who would like to work in classical Catholic education can do so profitably. And if they’re diligent and … Continue