High School Rescue Plan for Older Homeschool Students

This transcript was generated by https://otter.ai Today is Monday, November 8, and this is William Michael of the classical liberal arts academy. Today, I’d like to talk about a topic that many homeschool parents have to deal with. And it’s the the concern that’s felt when we either choose to homeschool, or has been homeschooling and realize that a child is 16 or 17, or even 18 years old, and is now approaching the time when major life decisions need to be made. And we realize that child has not been well prepared. And normally, when we say the child … Continue

SAT Prep for Catholic Students

Expert SAT preparation is available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy through private tutoring with Mr. William C. Michael Many homeschool students score poorly on the SAT because their studies do not prepare them for the skills assessed by the test. What is worse is that many families respond to this by claiming that the SAT isn’t important. This is self-spiting–and unnecessary. Catholic homeschool students can easily be prepared to earn high scores on the SAT with an expert tutor. In fact, students can raise their scores 200 points or more with tutoring and practice. Why the SAT is Important … Continue