The Truth that Our Excuses Reveal

Parents and students often present excuses for why they are not able to make progress in their studies. Often, they are embarrassed to admit that they were not able to get studies done because they chose to do something else instead, or they wasted time doing nothing at all. Often, … Read more

Pray and Study: Dominican Life

If you are a Catholic boy or girl and you enjoy studying in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, do you know that you can devote your entire life to Catholic prayer and study as a Dominican? That’s what the Dominican Order does! Join St. Dominic, St. Albert the Great, St. … Read more

Military Careers for Catholic Homeschool Students

In Catholic homeschool circles, most students talk about three options as they approach adulthood: Religious vocations (rare) College studies Full-time work Outside of religious vocations, which are extremely rare today, college studies and full-time work can present real financial challenges to young Catholic adults. What few homeschool students talk about … Read more

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