Homeschooling Teenage Boys

This transcript was generated by¬† Today is Saturday, June 19. And I’m receiving more and more requests for these walk talk topics, with questions being sent in every day. And there are a lot of really good topics and questions, and I’m going to try to spend some more time producing some more videos so … Continue

Benedictine Monks of Barroux Abbey (France)

The abbey of Sainte-Madeleine du Barroux is a Benedictine Abbey located at Le Barroux in Vaucluse (France). It was founded 1978 by Dom Gerard Calvet. This documentary shows the transformation of different monks in their lives from being ordinary men to extraordinary men of faith who chose to live a life of poverty, chastity and … Continue

You Do Not Need a Job…Ever

Photo of Mr. William C. Michael, available for homeschool tutoring.

In this video, Mr. Michael discusses what’s wrong with the advice given to Christian students in this generation, why there are so few religious vocations and why students in the CLAA should consider religious vocations for their future life rather than secular careers.