Inspiration for Christian Writers

This talk was transcribed digitally and will be edited shortly. Today I’d like to talk about a topic that I think will be interesting to many students, maybe some adults. Because in modern circles, schools like to talk a lot about writing. And people go to college even major in English. And yet we never find any great writers being produced people can publish their own novels or whatever. But we don’t see any real, great works of poetry, or writing. And we should wonder why. If we go back, especially to Victorian England, we’ll find that many people wrote … Read more.

Linguistics and the International Phonetic Alphabet

In the Academy’s English Reading course, the flashcards parents use to teach children the sounds and symbols of the lessons contain symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet.  While this phonetic alphabet is commonly used by modern dictionaries and language resources, it is not common knowledge among homeschool parents or school teachers, so I’d like to take a few minutes and introduce this system of marking pronunciation. The video below is intended to help parents teaching with our English Reading program, and may be of interest to students as well. God bless your studies, William C. Michael, Headmaster Classical Liberal Arts … Read more.

Getting Started with the Art of Reasoning

The most important study in the classical Catholic curriculum is, without question, the art of Reasoning.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we study all of Aristotle’s works on the subject, contained in his famous “Organon”.  I believe this first video, introducing Aristotle’s Categories, give a good introduction to the challenges of the study, and the errors of modern “Logic” books and classes.  Enjoy.   God bless your studies, William C. Michael, Headmaster Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Advice on Writing

In this video, I share my advice for students interested in developing professional writing skills in the 21st century.  As a professional writer myself, I don’t believe modern Catholic schools or homeschool programs are leading students to real success in writing, but are merely filling their school years with artificial school activities that don’t translate to the real work of writing. Note:  The advice I give to students in this video is my own, and children are to always honor the wishes of their parents, which is God’s commandment.   I you’re a student and your parents do not wish for … Read more.