Let’s Radically Improve Catholic Homeschooling

When it comes to education, especially Christian education, we parents face three great obstacles.  The first is that for many, education is merely a business and decisions are made based on what is most profitable for publishers and educators, not what is best for students. Second, parents are often ignorant of the history of education … Continue

Advice on Writing

In this video, I share my advice for students interested in developing professional writing skills in the 21st century.  As a professional writer myself, I don’t believe modern Catholic schools or homeschool programs are leading students to real success in writing, but are merely filling their school years with artificial school activities that don’t translate … Continue

Bishop Barron Talk at Google

Bishop RObert Barron speaking at Google headquarters

Dear friends, As you may know, I am a promoter of the diligent use of technology in Catholic education, and believe that the best way to help children avoid the potential evils of technology (which are present in any and every area of life) is to teach them to use it for good, rather than … Continue