How to Discipline Your Children (Part 1)

This talk was transcribed digitally and will be edited in the future. Today is Friday, July 9, and I received or we received an email from a Catholic mother who had questions about how to deal with a child that fussed and complained about studying. And throughout my 20 years of teaching, and 12 years or 13 years of, of work in the homeschool community, the question of the discipline of children has always been one of the top three topics that parents have asked about. And so today, while on my walk, I’m going to meditate on this question … Read more.

Fighting Effects Rather Than Causes

This talk was digitally transcribed and will be edited as soon as possible. Today is Monday, July 5, and I was having a chat with a friend this morning. friend who sends me links to videos or resources that he thinks I’d be interested in. And often they are very interesting, but one was a link to a message from father Baron another was a link to a quote from Gk Chesterton. And I wrote back. And my response led to a little bit of discussion back and forth, and it raised an issue that I think, requires some treatment … Read more.

Christianity vs. Natural Law Politics

Transcribed by Today is Tuesday, June 29. And I haven’t posted any talks in a couple of days because I haven’t been feeling well, you could probably hear that still in my voice. Thanks be to God, I’m feeling better today. And there’s a topic that I’d like to discuss that I hope, if I can articulate this topic, clearly, it will help address 100 different issues that we have to deal with in modern Christian controversies. And one of the reasons why I want to talk about this today’s because I was asked to talk about a very … Read more.

Wisdom, Happiness and Simplicity of Life

Transcribed by Today is Sunday, June 27, and I’d like to talk about a topic that I was reflecting on today at Mass that I realize is really the the thread that runs through everything that I, that I say and do. Certainly everything that I say in these talks. Certainly everything that I teach, as, as a classical liberal arts teacher, certainly everything that guides my decisions. And I can certainly say that times in my life where I was not thinking, rightly, on this one topic, were the times when I made decisions that I regret. And … Read more.

The Dangers of Mommy Culture

Transcribed by Today is Monday, June 25. And I’m going to use my walk time today to talk about a topic that I’ve been talking to my wife about for 22 years now, it’s a topic that’s always been central to our discussions as a married couple, to what I believe has been my duty, as head of household as her husband. Because my wife has a woman living in modern American society is constantly under assault, by false ideas about about her own role in the world, about the family, about relationships within a family, and so on. … Read more.