The Duties of Catholic Parents

Catholic parents today are tormented by subjective ideas about parenting. The truth is that the duties of parents are limited and objective. Parents are not responsible for the choices their adult children make, nor for the response of their children to good Catholic parenting. They are simply responsible to carry … Read more

How Tutoring Sessions Work

In tutoring, the goal is to lead a student to independence. Often students don’t know how to study and they don’t know what it looks or feels like to study rightly. This is where a tutor can be helpful.

When I begin working with a student, we meet by video so that I can show a student how to manage studies and get the students used to working at an acceptable level of quality. Once the student is comfortable working, we end video meetings and the students simply focus on completing their weekly tasks.

Please note that tutoring sessions are not intended to provide students with a weekly social activity or for chit-chat. We only have video meetings when they are necessary. The goal is independent study.

Help is available for the students any time they need it. They can start a live chat to ask questions on a private matter , or post a comment on a Student Forum on any course page for help with lesson content.

I will review their task lists every week, grading all of their assignments and making sure all of their records are updated.

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