Homeschooling Teenage Boys

This transcript was generated by Today is Saturday, June 19. And I’m receiving more and more requests for these walk talk topics, with questions being sent in every day. And there are a lot of really good topics and questions, and I’m going to try to spend some more time producing some more videos so … Continue

What Homeschool Mothers Should Study

This transcript was generated by Today is Friday, June 18. And on my walk today, I’m going to answer a question that my wife asked me to talk about. Question that she’s received a number of times this week from other homeschooling mothers, and which she’d also like to think about. And the question … Continue

Catholic Education vs. Career Preparation

William C. Michael discusses Catholic Education vs. Career Preparation

If you’re a devout Catholic who cares more about the Catholic faith than anything else, you desire to give your children the best possible Catholic education.  However, you also feel an obligation to help your children prepare for their future occupations, which includes college preparation and specialized studies and work.  As your children move into … Continue