Tutoring and College Admission

Prepare your homeschool trancript for college admissions.

I once walked with a mother into the high school office and watched her write a check for $37,000 for her daughters’ high school tuition. As she handed the check to the office secretary, she turned and asked me if I would tutor her eldest daughter because she and her husband (a prominent lawyer) wanted to make sure she was prepared for admission to a selective university. Despite all the benefits available–and her daughter was an A student–she knew that prep school tuition wasn’t enough to guarantee admission. The admissions office at Harvard University says: “By taking the most academically … Continue

Why Trust Us to Tutor Your Children?

Affordable Private Tutoring in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

These are dark times for children. Stories about schools have more to do with shooters and sex changes than with reading, writing and arithmetic–not to mention religion. Our children don’t need these problems. They need parents and educators to provide them with a happy childhood–and a great education. We are Christian parents. We understand the challenges. We respect the authority of parents in education. We get it. When you arrange tutoring with us, we’ll talk frankly about your goals and make sure that your children are doing what you want them to do–just as we would desire a hired tutor … Continue

How to Study for Mastery

St. Thomas Aquinas

When lessons are published for CLAA students, there is a quality of study expected of them that demands a certain method of study. In this article, I’d like to outline this method. 1. First Reading The lesson will include or assign readings that are to be studied for mastery. The first reading, however, is an easy reading of all of the assigned material, through which the students survey what is to be studied. The goal of this reading is to get an idea what needs to be studied. Stand up and read aloud–reading is work, not a leisure activity. 2. … Continue