Elementary Tutoring with Mrs. Michael

Among the old schoolmasters, it was said that “The beginning is half of the whole.” The first years of education set the tone for all that follows. However, parents often assume that the early years are “easy” and they can teach their children themselves. Some parents certainly can, but many parents cannot–and they learn this the hard way. We often see students struggling in Reading, Writing, Spelling and Arithmetic as they get older because they were not given a good start. Many never recover from their bad beginning. Getting children off to a strong start in Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and … Continue

In-Home Tutoring in the CHARLOTTE, NC Area

Beginning in June 2022, I will be available again for in-home private tutoring in the Charlotte, NC area. In-home tutoring is affordable and convenient for homeschool families, whether they are interested for their own children, or for groups of children with other families. Please watch the video above for information needed to get started and get in touch when you’re ready for more. God bless your studies, Mr. William C. Michael, HeadmasterClassical Liberal Arts AcademyPhone: (704) 776-4696mail@classicalliberalarts.com

What’s Needed for Online Tutoring

Once you’ve scheduled your first tutoring sessions, it’s time to get ready to make the most of them. 1. High Speed Internet Access The first need for online tutoring is a high speed internet connection. If you visit a local library or have cable internet service in a city or suburb, your internet speeds can be as high as 200 Mbps. These speeds are NOT necessary for online tutoring sessions. We use Google Meet for our online meetings, and users will be fine as long as their internet speed is 2 Mpbs or higher. You can test your internet connection … Continue

How Does Tutoring Help a Student?

If you’re a parent, you may wonder how providing a child with tutoring can help. You should be asking questions like: What benefits does tutoring really offer? How does tutoring improve a child’s life? Is tutoring really necessary? Is tutoring worth the money? These are important questions that parents should be asking. The easy answer is NO, generally speaking, tutoring is not productive or worth the money. There are bad, over-priced tutors that are just looking for money. Most are just modern teachers doing modern things, as if more of a bad thing makes it good. Most modern tutoring is … Continue

Why Modern Tutoring Isn’t Enough

The modern K-12 school system is dysfunctional and students are suffering in it. Yet, the costs keep rising. Parents see their children struggling and contact a tutor, only to find that most tutors are part of the system rather than a solution to it. Most treat some of the symptoms, but neglect the causes of the problems. After spending lots of money on tutoring, parents will find their children in trouble again. Students commonly have problems that come from a number of sources. We need to address the immediate problems (low grades, confusion, frustration, etc.), but we also need to … Continue

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