Become an Academy Tutor

We have the opportunity to restore real classical Catholic education in the 21st century. It’s an amazing opportunity, but it will take many skilled and dedicated Catholic workers to make it happen. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we have worked for over 20 years to research and restore the classical Catholic curriculum developed, studied and taught by history’s wisest and best men. Now, we are looking to publish and teach this curriculum to students around the world. It is a time for renewal in Catholic education. What is a Tutor? A tutor is not a teacher. Jesus Christ said … Continue

Study Latin and Greek with Mr. Michael

In Catholic education, we have the opportunity to study many excellent subjects, but the most important subjects of all, by which all of our future studies are most influenced, are the classical languages. Having a reading knowledge of Latin and Greek, along with a working knowledge of the Grammar of these languages, gives us the ability to enjoy the writings of the saints and doctors of the Church, history’s most beautiful music and art, the writings of the classical poets and philosophers, and much more. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we have the opportunity to study the classical languages … Continue

In-Home Tutoring in the CHARLOTTE, NC Area

Beginning in June 2022, I will be available again for in-home private tutoring in the Charlotte, NC area. In-home tutoring is affordable and convenient for homeschool families, whether they are interested for their own children, or for groups of children with other families. Please watch the video above for information needed to get started and get in touch when you’re ready for more. God bless your studies, Mr. William C. Michael, HeadmasterClassical Liberal Arts AcademyPhone: (704)

What’s Needed for Online Tutoring

Once you’ve scheduled your first tutoring sessions, it’s time to get ready to make the most of them. 1. High Speed Internet Access The first need for online tutoring is a high speed internet connection. If you visit a local library or have cable internet service in a city or suburb, your internet speeds can be as high as 200 Mbps. These speeds are NOT necessary for online tutoring sessions. We use Google Meet for our online meetings, and users will be fine as long as their internet speed is 2 Mpbs or higher. You can test your internet connection … Continue