Confiteor in Song

In 2011, our friend Jared Haselbarth produced a beautiful version of the Confiteor for children. You can enjoy the video below. For more music by Mr. Haselbarth, visit his YouTube channel.

The Promises of the Rosary

The Promises of the Rosary provide us with motivation and understanding to guide us in our devotional life. In modern society, where businesses, celebrities and politicians fight for control of our attention, it is important for us to keep it focused on God. One of the principal ways for us … Continue

“At the Hour of Our Death”

In Baltimore Catechism II, students preparing for Confirmation (ages 8+) are treated to many excellent lessons. One such lesson is that which teaches them about the history and meaning of the “Hail Mary”. One sobering lesson explains to them why we ask the Blessed Virgin Mary to pray for us … Continue

Novena for Impossible Requests

As I always teach in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, Catholic parenting and homeschooling is work that exceeds human strength. Grace is not transmitted like genetics from parent to child and parents have to patiently endure many trials, in love. One popular devotion Catholics can make use of is the … Continue

Anglican Chant – Psalm 75

It is unfortunate that no English culture has developed in the Roman Catholic Church. This has led to a false dilemma, about which Catholics fight–one side contenting themselves with nothing and the other ridiculously arguing that the Church should re-install Latin language and culture. Thankfully, the Church has approved of … Continue