Confiteor in Song

In 2011, our friend Jared Haselbarth produced a beautiful version of the Confiteor for children. You can enjoy the video below. For more music by Mr. Haselbarth, visit his YouTube channel.

The Education of St. Ambrose

St. Ambrose of Milan (AD 340-397)

by Joseph Parkinson The life of St. Ambrose, Bishop of Milan and Doctor of the Church, is known from his writings, and from the Life written by Paulinus, his secretary. St. Ambrose belonged to an old and noble Roman family, and among his ancestors were both Christian martyrs and distinguished … Continue

St. Francis of Assisi (October 4)

St. Francis, the son of a merchant of Assisi, was born in that city A.D. 1182. Chosen by God to be a living manifestation to the world of Christ’s poor and suffering life on earth, he was early inspired with a high esteem and burning love of poverty and humiliation. … Continue

The Promises of the Rosary

The Promises of the Rosary provide us with motivation and understanding to guide us in our devotional life. In modern society, where businesses, celebrities and politicians fight for control of our attention, it is important for us to keep it focused on God. One of the principal ways for us … Continue

September 29. St. Michael, Archangel

MI-CA-EL,  or “Who is like to God?” Such was the cry of the great Archangel when he smote the rebel Lucifer in the conflict of the heavenly hosts, and from that hour he has been known as “Michael,”. St. Michael is the captain of the armies of God, the type … Continue