Review: Lent at Ephesus

Album cover from "Lent at Ephesus".

I was introduced to the Benedictines of Mary by my wife who loves their music, but they’ve failed an important test for me. When I consider music that is appropriate for office background music, it must be beautiful and tranquil, but it cannot be too beautiful.  There are some pieces of music which one simply … Continue


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Many Catholic laymen are seeking a rich devotional life that unites them with the prayers of the clergy around the world.  Little by little, they are learning about the Liturgy of the Hours–the official prayer of the Catholic Church.  The Liturgy of the Hours was published by the Church in the 1970s and intended to … Continue

Review: Neumz Gregorian Chant App

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Today, I discovered the Neumz app–an amazing resource that I’m very eager to share and recommend. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we have promoted and taught the history and theory of Gregorian Chant, but quality resources have always been hard to come by.  Leading students to appreciate Gregorian Chant is one thing–listening to and … Continue