Recommended: Daily Roman Missal

Going to daily Mass is great, but being able to go with a Missal that you keep with you day in day out is best. I have had this Daily Roman Missal for 4 years now and it’s become a central part of my Catholic life. I’ve bought my mother … Read more

Recommended: Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible

Every Catholic adult needs to invest in a quality Catholic Bible they can use for years of continued study and meditation. The Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible was originally produced in 1610 and later revised by Bishop Challoner, making it as enjoyable to read as the King James Bible, but approved by … Read more

Recommendations: Seneca’s Moral Essays

Seneca was a Stoic philosopher who was honored among the saints by St. Jerome. Add his moral essays to your home library with this Loeb Classical Library edition from Harvard, which includes the Latin text and English translation.

Recommended: “Angels and Demons”

We are happy to recommend this excellent book sharing the Church’s teaching on angels and demons, by Dominican theologian Serge-Thomas Bonino. If you love classical Catholic studies and would like to approach the subject from a “Thomistic” perspective, you will enjoy the help of this book in doing so. God … Read more

Excellent Piano Lessons for Homeschool Students

If you’re home-schooling and would like to give your children the opportunity to learn to play the piano, I highly recommend Playground Sessions. Equipment Needed To use the program, you’ll need: a digital piano with a MIDI connection a Windows/Mac computer or iPad Playground Sessions software/app Enrollment Options Individual Subscription … Read more

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