Prayer before Studying, by St. Thomas Aquinas

Text Ineffable Creator, who, from the treasures of Your wisdom, have established three hierarchies of angels, have arrayed them in marvelous order above the fiery heavens, and have marshaled the regions of the universe with such artful skill. You are proclaimed the true font of light and wisdom, and the … Read more

Newman on Modern Students

“The pleasurable excitement of reading what is new is their motive principle; and the imagination that they are doing something, and the boyish vanity which accompanies it, are their reward. They do not like Logic, they do not like Algebra, they have no taste for Mathematics; which only means that they do not like application, they do not like attention, they shrink from the effort and labour of thinking, and the process of true intellectual gymnastics.”

St. John Henry Newman
On the Idea of the University

St. Thomas Aquinas on the Office of a Wise Man

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we study to become wise men. In this post, I’d like to share a passage from St. Thomas Aquinas’ famous work, “Summa Contra Gentiles”, in which he discusses the office, or duty, of a wise man. Enjoy. -WCM “My mouth shall meditate truth, and … Read more

Obedience in the Catholic Life

Obviously, St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus, did not agree with some in modern Catholic circles. It’s important to see the difference between the aim of the lives of the saints (see the book in the image below) and that of men who speak against … Read more